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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kickstarter Loot - Basius Pads

Nothing like hand delivered Kickstarter rewards! These came from the UK to Houston, to Gencon and then finally home via my brother in law. I didn't actually back this particular kickstarter but I did have a friend (in Houston) who did so I went in on a couple of these negative molds through him. Yes, you did read that correctly these are negative molds. The idea here is that you spread your favorite basing material, like green stuff or milliput on a base and then press it into some point on the pad. Pull it off and you have instant base texture! I received the dungeon and forest pads. One for use with my fantasy minis and the other for historical minis, at least some of them. You can see some of the intricate detail in the close ups. When I get a chance I'll give these a try and see how well they work.

Dungeon Pad, clean side

Dungeon Pad, cluttered side

Dungeon Pad close up, you can see variation in tile height, piles of coins and a backpack. Not sure what the stuff in the upper left corner is, guess I will have to press a base into to find out.

Forest side 1 with stream and rocks

Forest side with tree trunks and branches

A close up of the broken up trees and the leaf detail


  1. Just got mine last week and I love it! Works great and has a LOT of variety. Makes me wish I had bought two instead of the one. :)

    1. Nice to know that they work! Is there anything special I need to do?

  2. One video I watched suggested using a liquid petroleum for a mold release, but I didn't have any. So off to the kitchen I went to retrieve the Pam. :) Worked pretty good, just spritzed the mold. You've used the previous stamps, so I'm sure you've for your own preferences for mold release agent.

    Getting your Sculpy or Green Stuff flat is the only real tip I could offer. I had one spot on a base that didn't get the full depth of detail I had hoped for.

    1. I have used the pads from Happy Sepuku but those are flexible so I didn't have to worry about anything. This solid version gives me pause but if PAM will work then I should be good.