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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Up Scaling Calamity - First Buildings

Broke out the tools tonight and built up the first two little buildings for the scale model of Calamity. Not terribly exciting work but it felt good to be working on the project again. A few pictures from the evening.
Here is the first building. I like the proportions of this one so it might become the "standard" size. Got out the big metal blocks to help hold things together.

This one is set for the roof. I picked out a light tan matte board for this so the tan portion is on the inside. I'm going to paint these and then glue on cut outs of doors and windows.

The pieces for a smaller building. A lot of western buildings were quite small but they still need to be big enough to hold some minis

The big blocks and the little blocks in action.

Side by side. I'll do porches, sidewalks and awnings when I move on to building the board itself. Since Calamity is going to be on a distinct slope there will be quite a bit of foundation work on some of the buildings and it will be easier to add those details later. 


  1. This is quite the project you're taking on Kris. I'm looking forward to seeign the end result :)

    1. It keeps growing in scope, but I really want this whole board to be a real display piece and I figure its easier to work the bugs out on a smaller scale than having to continually re-work things when I do it full size.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Simon! I'm not sure I would use the word good for this just yet, but its a start.