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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Up Scaling Calamity - Upping the Complexity

I decided I was a little tired of putting together rectangular boxes so I decided to try something a bit more complex. I started off with one more small square building and then jumped into one of my corner saloon/hotel designs. In this case I'm envisioning two buildings being converted into the traditional Hollywood look. It also gives this one a very interesting roof line. Might surprise the gunslinger that is expecting a nice flat space to play sniper from. This one took a bit longer to put together but I think it came out just fine. And so the accumulation of buildings continues!

My small building for Round 3. Just keeping things square!

Okay, pieces are cut out, time to try and get it together.

A little rough looking but I think it will get the job done. Especially after a little paint.

And from the back

The corner fortress

And some nice variation from the back. I just grabbed random buildings for these shots

And maybe with an alley on the left side

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