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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Building Calamity 29 - The "Hardware" Store - Getting to the Roof On

Like I have mentioned before, I really like how the building is coming along. The weathered wood is not as "silver" as I wanted but that's always a matter of experimentation anyway. Rather than dive into the painting though I thought it was time to finally get to that scary roof.

I started just cutting out the two basic roof panels out of 1mm foamed PVC sheet stock. I then cut out the sections where the half dormer style windows sit. I also cut the sides of the dormers, and managed to get a pretty good match to the angle of the roof.

The really difficult portion is mating the dormer roof to the regular roof. I have always had trouble figuring out how to cut that angle. It is definitely slowing things down at this point. You can check out my current process below.

The two roof panels cut out

Roof sections marked for the dormer cutouts

Oops, had to modify the interior a bit to add some bracing to support the roof on the false front side. Had to trim away some wallpaper to provide a surface that would accept the plastic weld glue.

Braces in place

Test fitting the roof panels

Figuring out the correct angles for the dormer sides

Cutting out what will become my cutting template

Dormer sides

Gluing the dormer sides in place

Test fitting the roofs again, looks pretty good.

And the other side. The next big challenge is figuring out how to  making the sloping dormer roof which also lays tight against the slope of the main roof, tricky.

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