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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kickstarter Watch 1 - Tiny Epic Western Boardgame - Final Days

This little kickstarter is now under the 72 hour mark to its end and they are close to breaking the $400,000 mark and reaching their final stretch goal. They report that all components, including the stretch goals, are tested and ready and none of these will delay the delivery date. Based on that the $400,000 stretch goal is the final goal regardless of how much money is raised at the end. This is an important stretch goal as it takes the boss mats from being double sided to being single sided which will add a lot more complexity and flexibility to the game right out of the box.

$26 will get you into the deluxe version of the game with all the achieved stretch goals both physical and digital. This is a good company and I highly recommend them from my last experience on kickstarter. What are you waiting for?

Here is a graphic of the current box contents

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