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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Care Package - Offensive Miniatures

This one felt like it took forever to get here. I managed to make the initial order while the company was on Christmas Holiday and then the Royal Mail and the USPS didn't handle the hand off very well. But my American Paratroopers finally arrived today, a little frozen but some heat should fix them right up. Not to much heat though I don't wan't molten piles of pewter all over the place.

These are very nice minis. They looked a little small coming out of the package but it looks like they will stand up well against my British Paras. Now I have all three components for some D-Day scenarios this coming year. Of course they need to be painted so they are going in the que, need to finish the British Paras first, then the Germans, then finish off the German vehicles conversion (which quite frankly has me stumped at the moment.) then I can get to the Americans. Probably will see a couple of these in as entries into the Lead Adventurers upcoming contest.

Nice plastic box came in an envelope

Would have been great packaging if it wasn't so cold here in Denver. A little cracked plastic during transit

Zip lock bags of minis.

I think this is a command team

A regular squad. I had them swap out all the BAR gunners for riflemen

Pathfinder group. Looking forward to painting these, maybe they will be the carrot I need to get back to painting.


  1. Those look great Kris! Really like the figure pulling his parachute in! I'm always looking for more metal US paratroopers. Who makes your British paratroopers - as you mentioned you were concerned on how they would match up?

    1. My British Paras are from Warlord Games. They match up just fine, although its unlikely they will be on the table at the same time. I have enough metal to keep me busy for the rest of the year now.

  2. Very nice I keep meaning to get some of there riot police one day. Saw some at a local show but didn't have the coin at the time. Look forward to seeing these come to life.

    1. Just don't hold your breath Simon! They are a ways back in the painting queue right now. The quality is good though, the only issue I have at the moment is that the weapons are pretty close to scale which makes them a little fragile. Hopefully it won't be an issue when they are mounted on bases.