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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Building Calamity 28 - The "Hardware" Store - Painting, the weathering layer

Like most of my other structures for Calamity, the first layer I paint is the weathered wood layer. I typically paint the entire exterior like this since I'm not always sure where I want to show peeling paint. I started out with the splatter ink technique but as I worked my way around the building I found that it was just as easy to "paint" the ink on instead of splattering and the pushing the ink into place.

Once this stage was complete I let it dry and then applied a coat of matte varnish. Instead of it Vallejo Model Color Matt Varnish through the airbrush this time I opted to spray it with Testors Dullcote from a rattle can. That should protect the weathered paint layer better than the acrylic matte varnish I have been using. I'll let all that dry and hopefully move forward to finish the painting.

I used some scrap mattboard to help protect the finished interior work

On the upper floor I started with the splatter method. Definitely messy

On the ground floor I applied ink randomly and then streaked it down with the brush, moving with the grain of the boards. Here Burnt Umber and Carbon Black have been applied.

Followed that up with Raw Sienna

Straight Burnt Umber

Carbon Black and Raw Sienna

A fuzzy picture of the front

And from the back.


  1. Replies
    1. I think I just want it to be finished right now!

  2. Lovely! How manyore of these are you making to fill the board?

    1. I'm not sure actually. I have messed around with some models of the board and I'm sort of working on a large scale version of that to figure out that question. I'm thinking 20-25 buildings will eventually be built. I also need to start selling off the MDF buildings that I have already built. I have decided that everything will be built from scratch at this point.