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Friday, January 8, 2016

Building Calamity 22 - The "Hardware" Store - Windows and Trim

I was able to spend a lot of time at the workshop today. Sometimes I get started and I just don't realize how much time has gone by. Today was one of those days. I'm pushing hard to get to the assembly and painting stage on the Hardware Store. It feels like I'm just not pushing forward as fast as I want to. I must say though that this model is eating up the plastic strips. That's another reason to using commercial windows and doors whenever its possible.

Today I finished all the windows on the bottom floor, that includes the side and front windows. Along with that I tried to finish up all the interior trim as well. After it was all done though I see that I forgot to add the trim to the door on the second story. Something to finish up before I get to the next phase.

The next phase is at least going to include priming the interior walls. I'm going to try out my home made wallpaper and I think its going to stick better to primered walls. Or I may just rough all the interior walls with sandpaper and hope that gives a better surface to glue to.

Some pictures from today:

Building one of the big front window frames

Exterior, 2nd Floor Windows

Interior, 2nd Floor Windows

Finished, 2nd Floor Windows

Interior 2nd Floor

Interior, 2nd Floor End

Interior 2nd Floor, Front

Interior Wall, 2nd Floor
Interior Wall, 1st Floor

Exterior 1st Floor

Interior, 1st Floor Front

Exterior, 1st Floor Front

Finished Interior 1st floor walls

First floor, I like the configuration at this point.


  1. This is really quite the build, all the detailing makenit look great even before you get to the paint (and wallpaper).

    1. It is turning into quite a bit more work than I anticipated, but it is looking good. I'm struggling with just how I'm going to approach that roof though, it should be "interesting".

    2. You can always blame the designer?