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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Building Calamity 25 - The "Hardware" Store - Wallpaper on the First Floor

I did a little more experimenting with the ink washes and then went back and looked at my original posts about weathering buildings for Calamity and I basically reinvented the wheel. So the post using the Vallejo Washes its very similar to what I was doing a couple of years ago which I can attribute my basic technique to a model railroad site. The real key to making it work is that you need to prime in white so the black ink goes gray as you spread it with the brush. The splattering of the ink on to the surface is what makes it different from my original weathering style and really gives it that nice random weathered look. I think this will be my go to technique for the initial weathered wood layer. Its relatively fast so once you get going it doesn't take long to finish it. It is messy though so be prepared! I use two brushes for the technique now, the first one I load up with ink and use that as my splatter brush, then a I take another brush to create the streaks. Get out your terrain brushes for this technique.

I went in and finished the small add on shack at the back. I still need to assemble it but it wasn't getting "paint" so I could apply washes on both sides. You can really make a difference in the color of the wood on the ink colors you choose. I really like the oxide yellow for a real soft new wood look. It has a very "piney" feel to it.

This is the interior side of the add on.

This is the exterior side of the add on. I did go back in and apply some more weathering to the window frame. The window frame will get my chipped paint technique.
After doing a that bit of weathering I went back and added the wallpaper to the interior walls of the first floor. The only piece that I have left to finish is the front wall which is rather complicated with the doors and windows. Its going to take a bit of cutting and fitting to finish that piece off. After that I'm considering the interior to be finished and I think I can start assembly the building. I want to do that before painting since I need to add some trim pieces to the corners after its all glued together.

Each wall with a door takes three pieces. I don't worry about seams showing as that would be pretty normal.

Three walls at once. I love my steel weights!

This one is almost done, the last two pieces are being glued into place.

The wall with no windows, this one was easy!

Checking out how things look.

A view that we won't see again once the building is glue together. Although this does remind me that I still need to make some doors!

A bit of an overhead look. This will be the most common view, I think its looking pretty good!


  1. I have to say, this Calamity series is great. Amazing work sir!

  2. Nice work, I don't even hang it at home!

    1. Neither do I. My Mom is a farm girl so she is big wallpaper person so I have seen it done right!