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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Building Calamity 23 - The "Hardware" Store - Wallpaper

Yet another grand experiment for the Calamity buildings is the addition of wallpaper, specifically patterned wallpaper. I found a couple of dollhouse sites that had free wallpaper downloads and acquired a number of interesting patterns. The most common dollhouse scale is 1/12 which makes the patterns way to large to be of use so I shrunk them down to something that looked more appropriate for the citizens of Calamity. I think the pattern I used for the upstairs of the hardware store may still be to large but I think it gets the job done.

I decided to start with the top floor and, of course, in my eagerness to get to get to it I forgot that I should have painted all of the interior trim FIRST before adding the wallpaper. Oh well, there is still the first floor to apply that lesson to. Wallpaper is very common in the old west, because it was cheap, relatively easy to apply and it provided some insulation in the form of sealing up those gaps between the planks used for the walls. 

I'm happy to report that the glue I used works much better on the PVC after it has been primed. It didn't work as nicely on my roofs as I applied the glue on the first row house on the bare PVC and it peeled up on me in several places. Piecing the wallpaper together on the walls was a bit of challenge and a little time consuming. I'm thinking that maybe it would be better to apply the wallpaper first before I even cut stuff out. I'll have to think about that one a bit.

So on to the pictures!

Primed white with Badger Stynylrez primer

This is an easy piece. glue the whole thing on without cutting.

Trim it up and its ready for...oops I really should have painted that trim first.

The side with two windows was a real bear to do. In fact I left the small strip of space at the bottom of the windows bare. It just wasn't worth the effort.

The interior wall

Everything in place and held together with my favorite metal blocks. A little paint work on the inside and I can assemble the top floor.


  1. Wall paper really brings it all together nicely. What are you doing for the floors?

    1. Funny you should ask about the floors. I'll show you what I did in my next Calamity installment!