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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Building Calamity 21 - The "Hardware" Store - Building Some Windows

I put the jig to work tonight and built up the windows for the upper floors. I decided not to replace the window in the front so I just had to build up three windows requiring six frames. I think things went pretty well. I did need to shim the windows a bit to ensure a tight fit but that turned out to not be to difficult. I finished them off with framing on the interior and exterior walls. I'll build up the rest of the side windows, which will use the middle portion of the jig, and the front windows, which use the bottom portion of the jig, when I have some extended time to sit down at the workbench again.

Putting the jig to work

The results

Side windows going in with the help of some shims for a tight fit.

The back window isn't quite as fancy as the front and side


  1. That is some serious effort put into the windows. You should do a post of where you are in the process. You have been working on this project for a long time and I know you have quite a few pieces done.

    1. I could do that but I kind of rebooted with the buildings so there really isn't that much to show. Really the thing I have truly been hesitant about is the board itself. I need to get brave!