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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Building Calamity 27 - The "Hardware" Store - First Floor Assembly

I didn't post anything for a few days and I lost six followers! Seems like that mystical 200 follower barrier will remain intact a while longer.

I was able to finally find some time to get back to work on the Hardware store and I'm quite pleased with the results so far. The first floor went together without to much trouble. I have to make sure that I trim wainscotting and baseboards correctly so that the walls come together at the corners better. The interior wall that runs across the width of the interior is actually a little long and bowed the sides out a bit. I considered trying to fix it and then decided that, really, it just adds character.

I added the corner trim to help hide the seams. I need to prep those a bit and then I'm ready to do some exterior painting. But first I think I need to bow to the inevitable and start work on the roof itself. The dormers certainly add character to the building but they definitely add a level of complexity that I have kind of shied away from. I also need to build the stairs up to the second floor so I need to think about that for a bit. I want to paint the building before I add the stairs so its a bit lower on the priority list. The stairway side and the back will be left "unpainted" so they will get the silver wood treatment. The front and the window side will be "painted" and will get a bit of the peeling paint treatment. I'm not going to overboard with this affect though, I don't want the building to look to old.

Here is the result of the evening's work:

The small pictures are ones I accidentally deleted and recovered. Here I'm gluing a long sidewall  to the floor. I'm using my magnetic jig for this one.

Adding in the bagwall

The other long side in place plus a look at the front

the interior as from the front

And the back

the three components. This was shot was taken after the ones below and they have the corner trim

I took these shots before the corner trim was added. The top and bottom lined up pretty good. Not perfect which actually confuses me a bit. All I can figure is that the two floors aren't quite the same size/

A shot from the other side. Some how I managed to completely forget to photograph the front. 
The little shack that will go on the back.

The exterior door for the second floor is finished but I haven't glued it in place yet. I'll wait till the exterior is painted to do that.


  1. This building keeps on looking better and better! Good luck with that roof though, it will be complicated. Then again shingles cover all ills?

  2. Great work as usual, patience of a saint!

    1. Thanks Fran, but I think my patience on this one is starting to wear a bit thin!