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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Building Calamity 20 - The "Hardware" Store - Windows and Jigs

I have been messing around with these windows off and on for a couple of weeks now. I finally managed to pull everything together and managed to construct a jig that should allow me to make windows pretty quick. This is a single jig and I can make three different window sizes with it. These will become my more or less standard sized windows. If I mix these in with some commercial parts I should be able to have a nice variety of windows to work with.  I ended up using brass and super glue to construct the jig. I used the brass so that I wouldn't accidentally glue the plastic strips into the jig.

I think the pictures tell a better story than I do:

The Hardware store is still just a pile of parts at this point

A little piece of sheet brass to serve as the bass.

I'm worked with both wood and brass to build it. In the end I just went with the brass strip.

Hard to see, but all the parts are glued on to the brass sheet and I succeeded in making a nice square joint

Building the upper window pane

All finished

Strips cut for the lower window. I used .040x.040 for the window sills and sash. 

Building up the second window

Comparing against the original windows I cut from a single piece of foamed PVC

This set will go on the back wall

Add more brass strip for the second window size

And the third and final window jig for the hardware store. If I did it right I can build all the windows for the hardware store using this jig.


  1. I've never seen window frames modelled like this.

    Thanks for the tip (and work-in-progress shots).


    Happy New Year.....

    1. I guess I haven't either now that I think about it. A jig seemed like the obvious solution though. Will see how tired I get of making windows!

  2. Interesting! (although a little hard to see)

    Are you going to make the exterior cases in the same way?

    1. They are hard to see, that brass really reflects the light. I probably won't do the exterior cases that way though.