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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Real Puzzler!

My mother and sister-in-law introduced me to a new line of lasercut wooden puzzles that are produced in Boulder, CO. My family has been into puzzles for as long as I can remember and working on a puzzle was always a big family activity. These puzzles have really caught my eye and they have an option to do custom puzzles!

Liberty Puzzles

While I'm not sure if I will pull the trigger I'm giving it some real hard thought right now. With that in mind I have pulled some of my railroad photographs together for consideration as a potential puzzle. They feature my favorite steam engine #30 of the Colorado and Northwestern, several of the Galloping Goose incarnations from the Rio Grande Southern and engine #318 from the D&RGW. All of the photos will need some editing before I pick one but if you have a favorite let me know!

Colorado & Northwestern #30 (also worked for the C&S and RGS)

Galloping Goose #2

Galloping Goose #5

Galloping Goose #6

Galloping Goose #7 on the turntable

Galloping Goose #7 at the bend

D&RGW #318

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