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Friday, April 15, 2016

The Eagles have Landed 2 - The Deluxe Edition MPC Kit

This is the MPC Eagle Transporter with a twist. Round 2 Models has added resin parts to recreate one of the Eagle variants. This one is equipped with the laboratory pod and the booster pack which was featured in "The Metamorph" episode.

The resin components all appear to be very high quality. Without opening up the packages at this point I couldn't see any major air bubbles or blemishes and everything looks like it is fully cast. I'm looking forward to building this one as well, but not till I hone my skills a bit on the original kit.

I'm considering getting a second Paragraphix photo-etch detail kit for this one, but a fair chunk of the photo-etch pieces would end up being extra so I need to weigh the benefits versus the cost on adding this.

There are a few extra decals for this one. I suppose these will go on the lab module and the booster pack.

The resin parts for the lab module

The resin parts for the booster pack


  1. Another great set!


    1. I know, just have to decide if I need another photo-etch parts set now.

  2. When you get around to building these, could you take a couple of pictures with 28mm figures? The Eagle has been mooted as suitable for wargaming/scenery, and it would be nice to see how the cockpit scales to a standard figure.