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Monday, December 5, 2016

Behind the Curve - Battlefront Team Yankee

I know I'm way behind the curve on this one but I found a really good deal on the "Bannon's Boys" box set and decided to jump in. I haven't played modern armor in years and I have long since sold off my very extensive GHQ micro armor collection (again, wish I hadn't done that). I'm not sure I'll be playing the Team Yankee rules but I'll give them a try at some point other wise I'll go back to my old GDW Combined Arms rules which I think have really withstood the test of time.

The box is a bit beat up but I can't complain for something about half price.

I do love plastic kits. This should be fun.

I'm not sure why the tank commanders are cast in resin or why there is only one sheet of decals for the AH-1s when you obviously need 2. I'm not impressed with the sculpting on the tank commanders either.

The resin cast objective marker. Pretty nice


  1. Hey There,

    I'm smiling at this posting as i didn't know there was a "Team Yankee" game or minis. However, I was in an Army unit that was part of TEAM YANKEE in 1984-1988, up on the border between East and West Germany.

    Just FYI, our instructions in case of an invasion were to "alert higher commands, assess the strength of the force employed, and to resist being over-run for at least 15 minutes." We call ourselves the Coburg speed bump.

    Looking forward to seeing your mins are they are painted.


    1. In the book Team Yankee by Harold Coyle, they did considerably better than 15 minutes! This game is in part based on Coyle's book. I don't suppose you have pictures of your vehicles? I'm interested in markings and camo patterns!

  2. Nice collection of stuff there, we are spoiled these days, great book.

    1. I am impressed with the amount of stuff in the box. Now I just need time to put it together.