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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Patio Renovation Phase 1

This has been a really busy year for just about everything except my hobbies! The latest renovation is expanding the patio into more of an outdoor living space. The original concept was just to add on to the existing concrete patio. However, after all the outdoor furniture and rugs had been removed from the old space we discovered that it had continued to crack quite badly. The contractor recommended we replace the old concrete at the same time so that everything would match. We bit the bullet and coughed up more cash to get the project done right. 

Phase 1 involved the destruction and removal of the existing concrete, digging out the area for the new concrete, prepping everything for the concrete pour and then pouring and finishing the new surface. The concrete is setting now under a bundle of thermal blankets as winter finally decided to arrive here in the middle of the project,

I really didn't keep a good photographic record of this project so it begins with the pile of concrete, the remains of the old patio. This is about half, one load has already gone to the dump or where ever they take this stuff.

The pile of concrete by the time I realized I had not taken any pictures of the work.

The edges are defined by the 2x4s and the wire mesh is in place

They were able to cut around the concrete base of the garden entry and the existing water fountain.

The concrete pour starts. I found the whole process rather fascinating.

Larry supervised the entire operation


  1. That looks really smart, they guy who had my place before me must have got a lorry load cheap, the back garden looked like Hitler's bunker, if it didn't move it got concreted. All gone now.

    1. Removing all that concrete must have been quite the job! The Bobcat made pretty short work of the old concrete.

  2. Looking great. We have talked about doing a better patio at our place, but with the kids and other distractions, we never have done anything about it.

    And hopefully winter weather will mean more hobby time!

    1. Kids are no longer a distraction for me and neither of them is married so I shouldn't have to worry about grandkids anytime soon.