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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Patio Renovation Phase 2

Now that the concrete has setup nicely its time to add the seating walls and the kitchen area. The weather has been kind of iffy the last week but the promise of warmer temperatures brought the contractor back out. He started with what we envision as a seating area and working in an existing concrete fountain that we already had. The fountain comes in three pieces and weights about 300 pounds when its all together. To add a bit of complexity the concrete patio slopes down from the house so the fountain, and the rest of the wall, had to be leveled out as they moved further away from the house.

Friday saw a lot of prep work and basic construction on the seating wall started. Saturday saw that wall completed and the beginnings of the outdoor "kitchen", really just a spot for the grill to sit with some extra "counter" space on either side for food prep. 

Friday, the work begins on Phase 2

Wrestling the fountain into position.

The fountain is in place at this point although it still needs to be leveled up.

I forgot to take pictures at the end of the day but the basic wall basically went about where the wheelbarrow is in this picture.

Here is where at by Saturday night.

The kitchen area was also started and you can see all the rock ready to be used on Sunday

Couldn't resist the full moon shot

The grill that will fit into the center of the kitchen area

Sunday brought a bit of a surprise with a couple of inches of snow falling overnight. Quite unexpected, and pretty normal for Colorado. Fortunately is warmed up quickly and they were able to finish the basic work on the kitchen.

A bit of a surprise for Sunday morning

Here we are Sunday afternoon, so much for 1.5" of snow!

The kitchen is about ready to go. We will get some kind of outdoor cabinets to go on either side of the grill or I will build them myself.

All that remains now is to cap the walls and we are ready for guests! After that they will restore the fences and the dogs will be able to roam free again!

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