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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

World War II Project - Books - Geronimo! US Airborne Uniforms

This book arrived a couple of days ago and I just finally had a chance to crack it open. Similar to the King & Country book for the British Airborne, this one includes extensive detail of both re-enactors and WWII troops with all their uniforms and equipment. 

There is not a lot of verbiage in this book but it is filled with lots of color and black and white pictures with extensive captions. A lot of the uniforms pictured are original and there is often a picture of the paratrooper that wore it. There are some really nice full color pictures of the 82nd in North Africa that show paratroopers and glider troops in full kit preparing for the Sicily drop. 

The book is broken up into nine chapters:
Dress Uniforms,
Jump Jackets and Pants
Marine Corps Airborne
Troop Carrier and Airborne Engineers
Airborne Comparisons

This is an excellent resource and shows numerous styles and variations of equipment and how it was worn. Having chapters dedicated to specific items makes it really easy to use. The Airborne Comparisons chapter shows British Paras and German Fallshirmjagers and some of their equipment just as a quick comparison to the American Para equipment.

Its an excellent book and I would highly recommend it if you are getting your American paratroopers ready for the table.

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