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Thursday, June 15, 2017

World War II Project - Buildings - Railway Station - Part III

So with the basic shell finished its time to start on the brick. I'll start with the foundation as I'm just gluing the bumpy brick paper I acquired off of eBay directly to it. The decorative brick on the walls is a bit trickier. For this part I want the brick to standout from the wall, so I'm using 1/16" basswood as the base for the brickwork. I'm cutting this to match what is engraved on the building and then I'll wrap the paper around the resulting form and glue it to the walls. I'm also cutting pieces to fill some of the gaps that exist on the building to fill things in better and I'll continue the brick sheet around those corners. The window arches required a slightly different treatment, the arch makes things "interesting".

The night's work didn't amount to very much. The bumpy brick paper in this case actually is on contact paper. I didn't push to far after I attached it to the foundation to see how it would hold up. If it detaches from the MDF I'll figure out how to pull off the backing and attach it with glue instead.

A strip cut to fit the height of the foundation.

Looking pretty good at this point. There is a seam in the middle of this back wall where I had to bring two strips together but I was able to line the brick up pretty well so its hard to pick out. I like the surface texture and the look a lot! Hopefully the contact paper works and I can move on to the decorative brick trim on the building itself.

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