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Monday, May 7, 2018

Boardgames - MMP - Atlanta is Ours

Here is the first of the two new games from Multi-Man Publishing for the GCACW. "Atlanta is Ours" is officially Vol 10 in the series and follows SJWII in the series. "Atlanta is Ours" represents the campaign for northern Georgia from May to October 1864. These are the armies of William Tecumseh Sherman against Joe Johnston's Army of Tennessee.

MMP has certainly maintained and perhaps increased the quality of the game, of course considering the price tag on this one, I really expected something that would blow me out of the water. I was not disappointed. The first surprise out of the box is that the Atlanta is Ours rulebook is actually perfect bound. This surprises me quite a bit and I'm curious to see how it holds up, or if I will have to resort to three hole punch or a spiral binding at some point in time. The standard rules have been updated to version 1.3 but still have the cover from SJWII which I find slightly disappointing as they don't match up with the cover on the rulebook now. All the rest of the components are exactly as I expected them to be, nice stiff cardboard charts, gorgeous maps, three countersheets of 1/2" counters and a lovely theater campaign display. I'm pretty excited about pulling these out and actually playing them again. they make an excellent basis for a miniature campaign as well, the maps are certainly detailed enough to define the broad geographic features for a tabletop fight.

Perhaps my only disappointment is that the covers don't match.

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