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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Boardgames - MMP - Stonewall Jackson's Way II: Battles of Bull Run

While I love tabletop miniature games I really cut my teeth on boardgames. My first wargame was Avalon Hill's Gettysburg back in 1971. Somehow its fitting that one of the few series that I try and keep up with is "The Great Campaigns of the American Civil War" or GCACW for short. Stonewall Jackson's Way II is Volume IX in the series that was originally started by Avalon Hill back in 1992. The first release was Stonewall Jackson's Way; 2nd Manassas (obviously Vol I in the series). Multi-Man Publishing took over the series, under license from Hasbro, with Grant Takes Command.

I pulled this one off the shelf as the next two games in the series should arrive this week and I have been looking forward to getting them for months since they were pre-ordered. This copy was still in the shrink wrap which probably speaks to what little time I actually have for boardgames anymore. This is an expansion of the original Jackson's Way to the beginning of the war starting with the first Battle of Bull Run (1st Manassas if you have rebel leanings). While Grant Takes Command was published by Multi-Man Publishing I'm pretty sure that Avalon Hill had completed the work and it just needed to be printed. Stonewall Jackson's Way II was MMP's second offering in the series from MMP, it was preceded by Battle Above the Clouds which was the first foray into the western theater and done completely on their own. MMP certainly held up the quality that was established all the way back in Stonewall Jackson's Way. All the components are gorgeous and the maps remain as detailed as ever. Its a very playable system as well and uses a concept developed by SPI with a set of standard rules for the series and then an additional booklet specific to the campaign including all the scenarios. This game was published in 2013,. The next two should arrive this week and feature the campaign for Atlanta and another look at the Gettysburg Campaign (first appeared as Roads to Gettysburg, Vol III in the series).

Here's a look at what comes in the box:
Box Cover

And the back of the box

The standard rules and the game specific rules books.

Three sets of counter sheets, the top sheet being the most important!

Back in 1992 the map artwork set a new standard for the industry

A close up at a section of the map

High quality charts and tables, no cost was spared which makes for an expensive game, but I'm old enough now to appreciate what a difference quality components make in the game play experience,


  1. Good stuff Kris! I cut my teeth on AV's Gettysburg too - always fun to take a look at the old hex and counter games :)

    1. I just need to sit down with one of these and play! AH was my go to game company for quite a while.