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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

C&N Railroad Project - O Scale Miniatures - Knuckleduster Western Rail

The O Scale miniatures that I ordered from Knuckleduster arrived quite promptly yesterday. I already have some of these miniatures from Knuckleduster's Gunfighters' Ball Range and I was definitely curious to see how they would look scaled up. These are the same digital sculpts used in the Gunfighters' Ball range just printed and cast in 1/48th scale. They hold up quite nicely to their smaller brethren, quality miniatures from Knuckleduster. Huge improvements in sculpting quality now that they have do digital sculpting. 

I was eager to so how close in size they would be to the minis from Aspen Modeling as well. Again I was not disappointed, the two lines match up very well and I don't think there will be any problems mixing them together after they have been painted. I think Aspen Modeling miniatures are a bit beefier but you can decide for yourself from the pictures below.

The loot. The biggest difference between the two companies is definitely price. I  picked up: Mary (KWR-48111), Town Doctor (KWR-48114), Carpetbagger (KWR-48112), Swede (KWR-48110), Bartender (KWR-48106) and the Conductor (KWR-48118)

KWR-48110 - Swede in 1/48 scale. He is simply labeled as Pedestrian on the website though.

Large Swede and small Swede. You can really see the difference in scales here.

The Photographer from Aspen Modeling on the left, Swede in the center and right. I'll be able to use both ranges without an issue. The smaller scale Swede might well fit in as a youngster though, definitely something to think about. 

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