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Friday, April 27, 2018

C&N Railroad Project - O Scale Miniatures - The Aspen Modeling Company

You can just see how small the AWI troops look even with the mini still in the package!
I can say enough about how quickly Alan packed and shipped this order to me. I really appreciate it especially when I have $250 worth of games still in "packing" status with another company. He also dropped me a note asking for a bit more information on the pictures of potential miniatures I had sent him. He was a least receptive to the ideas, unlike Knuckleduster which while polite said that they weren't really going to do much with that part of the business. Its to bad because it could really be a good market for them.

I ordered three O-Scale miniatures to try out: #O-03 Brakeman, #O-42 Man with Dog, and #O-66 Photographer.
Man with Dog
While there appears to be a fair amount of resin flash, it is easily cleaned up. There are a couple of rough areas the needed some green stuff work on the Brakeman and the photographer.
A little squadron green stuff to fill a gap in the resin

About what I expect from resin miniatures and nothing terrible difficult to deal with. Mold lines were pretty light and easily dealt with as well.

For those that still think 1/48 scale is a reasonable substitute for 28mm miniatures here is a comparison shot with the Prospector from Reaper Miniatures.

Reaper Miniatures Prospector on the left, Aspen Modeling Company Brakeman on the right. Reaper miniatures are on the large side already and even he looks small.
While they are not exactly on equal footing, the prospector only comes up to about the brakeman's shoulder, so they are quite a bit larger and won't really work well together unless you are populating your wild west games with 7' tall individuals.

For the C&N they should be perfect, the brakeman fits right in, the other two have clothing that's a bit more modern looking than my period, but I don't think that will be an issue after they have been painted. I have managed to get two of them ready for priming yesterday, but I still need to finish working on the man with dog. I am going to mount them on bases for now as its probably going to be a while before Sunset will be ready for them.

The photographer and camera. The camera needed a little work, but looks pretty good

Brakeman and Photographer ready for a little paint.

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