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Friday, April 13, 2018

A Family History Lesson

We visited my mother over the weekend and I mentioned that she hadn't shown me the pictures of her trip to Norway, which had actually taken place in 2014. She had some copies of the pictures that she gave me which I can't find now so I headed out to the internet to see what I could find. I think the most interesting part of her trip was finding a family member's headstone at this awesome little church.

Apparently the bulk of this side of the family hails, more or less, from the area around Balestrand which is on the coast (?) of the Sognefjorden (the name of the fjord) in Sogn og Fjordane (the county, I think). The Kvamsøy Church is on Kvamsøy island which lies in the fjord itself. I managed to find some pictures of it on wikipedia.

The church only holds services twice a year now but is available for funerals and weddings. It is closed completely from October through May. Its an interesting piece of family history. She visited a couple of other graveyards and was able to locate other family members as well. There are distant relatives living in and around Bergen but she didn't have the time on that trip to find them.

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