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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Dog's Life

Phoebe about six months. Classic Pyrenees helmet head

Lani (Khalani) asking when Phoebe is going back

Phoebe claiming the loveseat as her own. About 10 months old, still has the fuzzy puppy ears

Phoebe a 14 months, quite the ham. About as tall as she will get, but will start filling out now, is still that rangy young dog.

Phoebe on rabbit watch. Stands about 5'6" now.

Lani in isolation (caught in the act here, that bench was up against the wall), trying to show remorse.

And the breakout, that bench weighs about 70# she forced it back from the wall with her muzzle

Watching for squirrels. Lani stands a bit taller than Phoebe in this picture, but Phoebe has now passed her up a bit.


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    1. They are my favorite breed! Although Lani is half Pyrenees and half Anatolian Shepherd and hence has black double dew claws in the back.