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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

One of Life's Interruptions - Renovating the Master Bedroom Closet

Renovating the Master Closet was an anticipated three day project that ended up taking almost five days to complete and kept me away from the painting table. It included the obligatory minimum of three trips to the hardware store no matter how well I had it planned out. 

Day 1; Emptied the closet (a huge chore all by itself), removed the existing clothing racks and furniture, stripped out the carpet and prepped for painting.
Day 2; Painted everything a nice white semi-gloss paint, unexpectedly it took more paint that anticipated necessitating the first hardware run for another gallon of paint. Prepped the sub-floor for the installation of the new hardwood floor. Stained the new molding. Laid out the floor, its going to be close on the materials.
Day 3; Forgot that the table saw was at the old house and had to go get it. Then discovered that the wrench to change the blades with was missing and went to the hardware store in search of one (trip #2). No luck, figured out a way to hold the blade in place and get it changed. The dull blade was replaced with an 80 tooth, carbide tipped blade. Lost half the day trying to get the right part. Started to lay the floor, air hammer wouldn't work, necessitating trip #3 to the hardware store for a new air hammer and went ahead and picked up a new compressor (not good for miniature painting though). Spent the rest of the day putting in the floor. I know I was pushing the edge, the closet is about 88 square feet and four boxes of bamboo was 95 square feet, I came out with basically a single piece left over.
Day 4; assembled and put in the new clothing racks and cabinets. The Ikea cabinets had to be assembled standing up, they were to tall to be able to lift up into place. All of course of which took longer than expected.
Day 5; Finally were able to start putting clothes back into the closet. In the we managed to get it done and it looks good.

Carpet out, walls painted, starting to layout the floor

Just so I remember what kind of paint to buy

Floor is in

Molding is

Putting the old racks back in the back, new rack in the front. The Ikea cabinet will go between these racks.

Same thing on the other side. A rolling shelf in the back and clothes rack in the front.

With the cabinets in, shoe racks will go against the back wall.

Getting Lani's approval of the finished closet.


  1. Got the same Thing going on here and with the whole house and so far all with Ikea, flooring included. I know what you mean with no matter how well planned it still involves extra trips to get hold of the forgotton, sorry...missing bits n´pieces.

  2. We are in the midst of renovation at the other house as well, this is the first room we have done for "us" as it were. Whole top floor at the other place is done there and we are taking a bit of a break from that property. The whole house thing is certainly daunting when you get started! Its even harder when you have tools stashed at two different places.

  3. Ah yes... Ikea cupboards that need to be assembled standing up.

  4. We repainted a room in our house this winter, and I think we were up to about five trips to Home Depot... maybe more. Of course we ended up painting more than planned, and then changed a light fixture (which had to be moved six inches and then took a week of work), so I certainly feel your pain.


    The result looks great. Hopefully everyone appreciates the final product.

    1. I'm happy with it, more importantly my wife is happy with it! Which reminds me, I still have a new LED fixture to put up in the laundry room. There is nothing quite like the unexpected complication of adding a fixture that should be simple and turns into a logistical nightmare.