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Monday, April 8, 2019

LA Warehouse District - More Potential Warehouse Buildings

I spent a little bit of time working on the Sledgehammer project but not enough to really record at this point. Right now I'm just trying to get back in the zone on that particular project. But in the meantime I could distract myself some more with the LA Warehouse District.

I flipped through the entire selection of Walther's Cornerstone series buildings and I found a few more that will probably work well, but I really wanted something with more character. Quite frankly I'm really missing Monster Modelworks at this point. Hopefully someone bought that business and it will be coming back soon. But in the meantime I found another company with a similar product in the pages of Model Railroad Hobbyist, ITLA Scale Models. They manufacture lasercut MDF buildings with all the brick character of those produced by Monster. On top of that they are very configurable so a single building can be built in multiple configurations. They are a bit on the expensive side and they don't have the plethora of extra bits yet but I'm intrigued enough to order their "starter" building and give them a try.

Here are a few photos off their website ITLA

This is one of their modular panels.

Could be built as a 4 walled structure or as a low relief flat.
The Allstate Manufacturing Company. Shown here as long low relief flat or configurable to be build in either a left or right hand "L". The long side would still be low relief.

Extension D, can stand along or be added to the All State Manufacturing building for extra length

A set of three low relief buildings, that allows you to swap the locations of the buildings within the group on the integral foundation.


  1. Those are certainly not cheap, but they look great.

    And oof that O scale kit looks amazing... but it ought to for $239!

    1. This stuff seems to get more and more expensive every time I look at it. Always looks great though.