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Monday, April 15, 2019

LA Warehouse District - Setting the Scene - Starting off

I have the track plan pretty much complete at this point. I did a variation that added a couple of more sidings but decided against it in the end. I'm not sure how well the original is going to work and I figured there really isn't a reason to make it more complicated, so I discarded that. I'll show off the trackplan when I finish making it pretty.

In the meantime I decided that I needed to set the scene a bit so I'll be constructing a few buildings to get a feel for how everything is going to look. Since I have the dimensions on the Monster Modelworks factory I started with that. I'm rather pleased with this quick little effort so I'll continue on with that as I try to break through my block on the Sledgehammer diorama.

Make a fold together model. Had to think about the little two story section on the left to keep it as simple as possible.

All folded up, not to bad.

And my initial thoughts on location  for this building.

Dressed up with a little brick paper from Clever Models.

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