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Monday, June 29, 2020

World War II Project - Return to Normandy - Railroad Station - More Brick

I stole some time and managed to get started on the brick trim for the railroad station. A little strip wood to make the edges pop out and follow that with the brick paper. Like I have in the past I wanted to score the paper and fold it around the corners and avoid having any seams. The contact paper backing made it really hard to do that, while I could get away with it on a single edge, like the foundation, trying to wrap it three or four times in a small area proved quite difficult. First I tried pealing off the backing which worked but was time consuming and not as successful as I had hoped it would be. I finally opted to cut small strips for the really small edges and then fold the larger piece around a single corner to cover the front seam. I'll have to go back over the other edge with a marker to hide the edge of the paper on the side.

The hobby shop is only 4 blocks away but I'm have to cut my own stripwood right now, blah. I need a new tool if I'm going to keep doing this.

Gluing the stripwood into place on the platform side. On the center portion of the building I'll do this all the way up to the top.

One corner done. Looking at this pic I realized that I need to go up higher on the one edge as well and I have that funky corner to deal with.

The narrow interior of the brick column. That was a just a pain to do using a single piece of the brick paper.

This will work better. The narrow edges applied as its own strip and then fold the paper around the larger corner of the two larger edges.
I'm also re-considering the doors and windows. My original thought was to pop them out as well, which actually doesn't make much sense from an design perspective. I think I'll cut the brick paper to overlay directly on the surface instead of bumping them out. The paper is thick enough to stand out from the wall a bit even after I "plaster" the exterior walls. Still mulling that thought over.

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