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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BNSF trains on the mainline through Denver

I have managed to catch up couple of more BNSF coal trains heading south (full) and north (empty) coming through Denver near Broadway.
BNSF 9377 (SD70ACe) and BNSF 6243 (ES44AC) heading a northbound coal train
 BNSF 9924 SD70MAC
 BNSF 6223 (ES44AC) and BSNF 6075 (ES44AC) pushing a southbound coal train
 BNSF 6075 ES44AC
 BNSF 6117 ES44AC
 BNSF 6430 ES44AC
 BNSF 6223 ES44AC
 BNSF 5927 ES44AC
 BNSF 6243 ES44AC