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Monday, June 11, 2012

Union Pacific Engine Facility

I managed to catch a few more shots of the UP Facility over the last couple of weeks. There was an ex-SP diesel that kept dodging my camera for a few days but I finally managed to catch it, not the best of pictures but it will do. Another UP engine with some odd reporting marks on it as well. I'm not an expert by any means on these things so maybe someone out there knows what they mean. So a few pictures for you.
 HLCX 1069 GP38-2
 UP 9512 C41-8W
 UP 1203 GP39-2
 UP 6026 AC4400CW-CTE
UP 6291 AC4400CW
 UP 6639 AC4400CW
 UP 6440 AC4400CW


  1. Helm Financial Corp leases cars and locomotives. HLCX 1069 in particular is a former Milwaukee Road unit.

    Great pictures as always. :)

    1. Cool, always good information! It takes a little photoshop, shooting through the windows of a moving light rail train doesn't make for the best photographs.