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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maverick Models Thirty Years War (TYW) Danish Flags Arrived - Awesome Service

I'm not sure how I missed this envelope, and I was watching for it too because one had already gone astray. However, one of my boys placed this on my work desk yesterday and upon opening it I discovered the flags that I had ordered from Maverick Models (and be careful googling that one because the first link will most likely be for a bunch of real life human male models, although perhaps if there are any women reading this that's the link you might want to see first). Stuart and I recently had a conversation about the Danish flags from the Thirty Years War. At the time he said he would love to do some if he could find some references, something I have had a hard time coming up with. He then mentioned that he had a dozen or so Imperial flags that he wanted to put up but couldn't identify. I mentioned that the Danes were among the first (if not the first) to include a national emblem on their flags, the red field with the white cross. Sure enough the flags that Stuart had featured this emblem and within a day or so he had them up and ready to go on his site. I mean can you ask for better service than that?

Of course I had no choice but to order one of each (in 28mm)! After one mishap in the mail, they arrived sometime last week and apparently into the mail stack for one of my sons rather than my stack (I'm not sure why they though they should be getting any mail from the UK, maybe I should check into that). They came out great and that's going to push me to get at least one unit of Danish troops painted up soon (along with all my other soon projects), just to use these flags.

The only one I might question as a regimental flag is the one for "unknown infantry regiment - 7". This certainly looks like the coat of arms for King Christian IV and I'm thinking this might be used as a second flag issued to actual Danish regiments. Finding good references for the Danish military during this period has been very difficult. If someone else out there has been researching this period and has some good sources please drop me a line or leave a comment.

Anyway a huge thank you to Stuart at Maverick Models for the high quality flags and really taking the time to work with me on this little project. You can find his website here: Maverick Models

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