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Friday, June 29, 2012

Kickstarter Project: Traveller5

Way back in my posts is one about games that define us, included in my list was Traveller (now referred to as Classic Traveller) published by GDW. I haven't paid much attention to the Kickstarter projects out there but I stumbled on a Traveller 5th edition project by Marc Miller (the original creator). I'm pretty stoked about this one so I'm going to through into support my first Kickstarter project and get my hands on the version that Marc says will do everything he wanted to do.

I would have heard about this project sooner if my friend Clay Bush was still alive, he loved the game and played through every edition, participated in play testing most of them and ran convention scenarios all the time. Unfortunately Clay passed away in 2007 from acute anemia (literally he was getting complete blood transfusions every three months). When I get the new book and run my first adventure it will be dedicated to Clay, heck it might even be one of Clay's he would have like that.

If you are an old Traveller fan I think this is worth supporting, I mean how can you pass up a 600 page rulebook? Kickstarter link: Traveller5
And I found the official website (there are a number of fan websites out there as well): http://www.traveller5.net/

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