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Monday, January 21, 2013

Aetherworks Limited Time International Shipping Deal!

This is the single story Brick Building from Aetherworks.
The Post Office is similar but has a flat roof instead of a pitched roof.
I think everyone has figured out that my big project for the year is my Old West town of Calamity. Things have been moving along and I have a lot of buildings built up and ready for painting. However, I only have one building from Aetherworks. They make a really nice line of buildings but the shipping from Australia is killer expensive. Then someone on TMP mentioned that there was an international shipping deal but I couldn't find it on the website so I fired off and email to them and I had a response this morning (very early this morning). Aetherworks, currently, does have a special offer to ease the pain of International shipping! I grabbed this from the website:

We here at Aetherworks understand the concerns and high costs associated with international postage. There’s no two-ways about it, the Australian Postal system is expensive, and the nature of our building products mean that they have to be sent as large parcels via our postal system.
In order to provide some compensation and to let our international customers know that we are aware of these issues, for at least the next few months until we can find better alternatives, we will be including a special promotion for all international orders amounting to $50.00AUD postage or more of an exclusive Post Office building. The only other requirement is that these orders consist of at least 75% value in Aetherworks products (excluding postage).
This building is based off our Flat Roof Building, except with a vertical plank design and a special “Post Office” sign. It will not be available anywhere else while we run this promotion. It will automatically be added to your order once we start processing it (you don’t need mention or add it into your order). Feel free to contact us for more information or questions.
Here is the direct link to this post on their website: International Shipping
Although its not a break on the shipping itself it is a little compensation for those charges. I'll be checking my bank account to see if I can work up an order to take advantage of this. I can always use another building or two or three. Personally I would recommend AE20010 Town Starter Triple Pack at 99.95AU. The three buildings retail out at 129.95AU so you are saving about 30.00AU right there plus you are getting the Post Office added into that. That's a pretty good deal even with the Australian shipping charges. Remember that this is for a limited time, so if you can take advantage of it, I would recommend doing so.


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    1. Thanks! Just trying to provide as much information as I can to folks out there.

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