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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review - Sarissa Precision Heroic Old West Livery Stable

This is the last of the current batch of Sarissa Precision kits that I received. The Livery Stable is definitely a horse of different color compare to the other buildings that I have worked on so far. I did have one issue with this kit. The "walls" that form the stables do not fit tightly, so they took a bit of extra effort to keep straight while the glue dried. Other than that it was very clean build. I'm looking forward to detailing the inside of this one. I may also need to really bevel down the outside edges of the base to make sure it sits down into the terrain. Livery Stables don't really sit on a foundation like other buildings and would have a dirt floor.

Anyway the pictures tell a lot more than I can write.

The parts

Something a little different, working from the base up!

And now back to putting up walls

From here we move on to the loft

I opted to glue the side roof panels on. Just seemed like the right way to deal with it.

Then the roof for the loft

And now the finished product

And a few scale shots with some Black Scorpion miniatures.

Right now I left the doors closed. It will only take a couple of snicks with a knife to get them into an open position if I want. I'll probably do that with the larger bottom doors. I'm not sure about the top doors because if I'm not careful I'll lock the loft into place and I won't be able to get to the ground floor.


  1. Replies
    1. This is definitely one of the cooler looking building kits that I have worked on. Sarissa has some other buildings that no one else is making as well. I just ordered the railroad station so I'm eagerly awaiting that.