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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Its another bug hunt" - Kickstarter Bug Hunt Corridors

One of the new Kickstarters out there is a 28mm set of space ship/space station/ground colony set of science fiction corridors. It has recently reached a stretch goal that adds rooms which makes it more interesting to me. This is a very futuristic set of corridors and it really looks great and I think the price is actually pretty good. If you are looking to replace your Space Hulk boards with some nice 3D terrain this set is worth looking at. Be prepared to drop some serious bucks though.

I'm probably not going to back this kickstarter, even though I think it looks awesome. I don't need a replacement for my Space Hulk boards, what I need is something in 15mm that you could actually make a convincing starship out of. I would be ecstatic if someone would make something like this that would actually be suitable for making say a Type S Scout ship from Traveller or other similar small starships. I don't need a bunch of huge corridors, it just doesn't scream starship to me.

Still this is looking like a very high quality product and maybe it suits your needs better than mine.

Bug Hunt Corridors


  1. I haven't done any Sci Fi yet, so I'll skip this one. Looks good though for people who game in this genre.

    1. It looks good, but it doesn't fit my needs either. Need something that will actually look like a starship.