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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Citizens of Calamity - Reaper Female Huckster 59025

I know some of you are thinking does he ever paint anything? I do, I am, but since they are competition pieces I won't show them off yet. However, I did paint up the first official painted miniature for my town of Calamity. This is Reaper's Female Huckster from their Savage Worlds line #59025. She should make a great gambler and if I decide that we will be playing Deadlands, the Weird West, on the Calamity board then she can actually be a Huckster (think wizards with cards as the material component).

I actually painted her up for a local painting competition mostly to support the store. She took first place, but don't get to excited about that there were only a total of 5 entries. Hopefully it will help the store competition will grow. I'm not sure she would have even made the first cut at Genghis Con or Tacticon. She's a good solid table top paint job. You will probably see a lot of her in the future since she is currently the only painted semi-western figure that I own. Of course there are a lot of unpainted citizens of Calamity waiting in the wings.

I'm not terribly happy with the base since its so lopsided, it painted up really well but it looks a little weird. I'll take her off of this base at some point and put her on one of the lower profile bases that I have.

Outside the front door of Battle Flag's Undertakers  building


  1. That is a really nice figure and on my wish list to get.

  2. Its a nice figure, more complex than it looks like in bare pewter. I can spot at least half a dozen things that need to be fixed. That's what happens when you blow something up to at least twice its actual size.

  3. A great looking figure Kris, its a great pose too, holding the cards like that. I agree about the base, its a bit too thick, a little like my pal Fran!

    1. The base is really starting to get to me. That might be on my list of things to do tomorrow!

  4. I think I'll need her, nice work to me Kris.