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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Building the Tri City Laser Redesigned General Store

I received my order from Knuckleduster over the weekend and I took some time tonight to build the General Store. I have built this one before, but I wanted to try out the newly redesigned kits so I felt like I should compare apples to apples at this point.

The build didn't really change all that much but there are some other significant changes. First thinner wood. I think the thinner wood really makes a nice change, the building doesn't look as "bulky" as the old one. I definitely prefer the new look this thinner wood gives. Following that is the now newly detailed floors. The redesign adds some nice detail to the floor, something that I considered to be a big miss in the old kit. They also spent some time re-doing the exterior detail and I think they really hit the mark there.

The only thing I can really fault them with is that there still aren't any instructions in their kits. Granted the General Store is pretty straight forward build, but there are some nuances to these kits. The way they fit together is not quite the same way as other manufacturers so don't go to fast and dry fit everything first to make sure you have it right.

Just a few pictures just so you get the idea of how it goes together and how it looks compared to the old kit.

Parts, Parts, Parts!

The new floor

Building the front, I went light on the clamps
I prefer a combination of weights and clamps when working with real wood. Again I used Titebond II Carpenter's Glue on this one.

The combination counter top and shelves

From the front. New on the left, old on the right. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

The interiors. Note that the interior furnishings have been reduced in size a bit. I think gives a much nicer look.

Top Rear, Old on the left, new on the right. I prefer the way the furniture has scaled out in the new design. It doesn't feel so massive and takes up a lot less space.

And from the rear, old on the left, new on the right. The re-design gives a lighter feel to the building that I like.


  1. the differences are note very important ... in the pictures ! like you say, the new one seems "lighter"

    I'm not a fan of laser-cut but I like this one !

    good job !

    1. Thanks, I'm trying to get all of the kits done before I tackle the scratch building projects.

  2. Hmmmm..... I can't enlarge your pictures to verify, but from what I do see it looks like the grain of the wood runs the wrong way on the the walls and floor! Big oops!!!
    Makes it very difficult to cover that up. Especially if you want to stain or go for a weathered effect.
    My 2 cents.

    1. I hadn't even though to of the grain. I have to prime it for my weathering technique so it won't matter. But, you are right about trying just about any other technique is going to have a problem with that grain.

  3. Looks fantastic these might be good for more modern stuff (Thinking the Walking Dead). I really can't see what Darel see's tbh It all looks good to me.

    1. I definitely see what Darel is talking about. For gaming purposes they are going to be fine. It would definitely work in a modern setting as well, plenty of little towns that still have buildings like this right on their main street.

  4. I like the lighter feel to the model. It's a nice update.

    1. I think they did a great job on this one.