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Monday, September 2, 2013

Update - WWI Kickstarter Book - The Walter Koessler Project

Just a quick note if you are on the fence about this project. He sent out an update to day indicating that he has sent the book to the printer. He has an excellent chance of making his December delivery date at this point. So if you need to put out a hint for a birthday present you have 3 days before this kickstarter closes (65 hours at the time of this posting to be more or less exact).


  1. I'm a bit on the broke side at the moment! I do hope he does well with this as it is a worthwhile project.

    1. He's doing just fine! He's going to crack $100,000 on this one without a problem. What I'm excited about the most is that he's already sent the book off to the publisher. He didn't stop working on putting things together to see if he would get funding he just kept moving right along.