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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Actual Painting! British Colonial Trooper

I needed a little motivation to get painting again. On the Lead Adventurers forum they have a Colonial showcase going, and you get a little badge if you post a newly painted miniature. So I have managed to get a mini in the last three they have done. So these things move fast so I painted this guy yesterday and did the finish work today. He's not to bad, not one of my best but he's solid and that's kind of what I'm going for right now. Get the skills worked back up.

So here is a little WIP from Monday to today

Prepped and Primed


A little red

Some Blue

Green facings for the 24th. I did watch Zulu, twice, while I was painting him.

Final details and a little pigment to get him dirty. I wasn't brave enough to try to do black smudges on his face

Finished Front

Finished Side

Finished Back


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Sometimes you just have to climb back in the saddle and do it

  2. Fantastic figure, must be fun to paunt.
    And a paintjob well done!!!

    1. There are some really nice sculpts in the Reaper lines that you just wouldn't associate with them. Thanks!

  3. Excellent job! Red can be tricky to pull off but you certainly have!

    1. I'm pretty happy with the red. I think the shadows could be deeper, but the highlights are solid.