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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Plastic Soldier Models - SdKfz 251/1 C

I received PSM's newsletter announcing that they would be running monthly contests for their models. I had these halftracks sitting on the shelf and I have been thinking about working on my 15mm DAK army again so I figured I would break these out. There were a few SdKfz 251/1Cs in the motorized infantry regiment of the 21st Panzer Division. I need a grand total of four so this box is plenty, at least until I need to started doing the conversions to 251/3s.

While I realize that reviews of these kits have already been done to death I figured I would still through out my construction photos and comments for the world to ignore. On to the pictures!

The box! Contains enough parts for 5 SdKfz 251/1Cs. Works out to about $6.50 each.

The sprues plus the "instructions"

A single sprue with everything you need to build one halftrack

I cut out all the main parts for the halftrack and cleaned them up. Mold lines were only serious on the front tires, which is kind of expected.

Putting on the tracks. Hard to mess this part up

Front wheels and both tracks in place

Ready for the rest

The "bathtub" portion of the model. 

The "bathtub" attached and everything back to right side up

Adding the driver position and the benches

The backrests are in, still looks uncomfortable

The side storage compartments in place

Dropping on the top. I did not glue this piece on yet, I want to be able to paint the interior and it will be a lot easier without the top shell in place.

I left off the MGs and the MG shield as well. Somethings are just easier to attach after the painting is done.

The sprue after I cut everything out. Plenty of extra pieces for stowage.
This kit was a snap to put together (its not a snap together kit though, use your favorite plastic model glue). I spent more time taking pictures than I did actually assembling and cleaning mold lines. I could probably build the entire box inside of an hour. Feels pretty sturdy so I think it will hold up to the rigors of the gaming table quite well. I'm looking forward to getting out the paints and starting on the little base diorama I have planned.

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