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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Boxcars for Calamity - The C&N RY borrows some rolling stock

I received some new decal paper to try out today so I tried to get back on track making C&N decals. I can't seem to get the long Switzerland Trail logo right so I decided to set that little project aside again. However, I stumbled across some dry transfers for the Colorado Central and the Denver, South Park & Pacific. These are from the New Creations line from Clover House. These aren't exactly prototypical, the designer decided to utilize the company logos as part of the design. Since this falls in line with my proto-freelancing concept I figured I would go ahead and sacrifice a couple of boxcars and use these up. Mostly because I really want to get back and weather something!

Its been a long time since I used dry transfers but I think these came out pretty good. Now time to get ready for some weathering!

The Georgetown Loop logo is okay, it does add a nice bit of character.

I really like the South Park logo. I think it looks very sharp

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