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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

C&N RY Decals - Part 3

I didn't get quite as far with these tonight as I wanted. The printing itself was pretty successful but I need clear gloss to seal them and all I have is clear flat spray. I'll have to run by the hobby shop on the way home tomorrow and pick some up and seal them. If all goes well I should be able to see if they actually work tomorrow. I figured I would show a little progress though. I'm also thinking about signs I want for buildings in Calamity as well.

Remembered to add the RY. to the end name this time. These are printed on the white decal paper that's why they have a colored border. My printer doesn't have a high a resolution as I would like but I think I can hide the dot pattern with some close trimming and some judicious weathering.

I really like how the logos came out. Can't wait to give these a try. These are also printed on white decal paper.

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