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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Boxcars for Calamity - The C&N RY borrows some rolling stock - Finished

I'm calling this pair of boxcars finished at this point. I tried to do some water streaking using heavily water down inks and it looks okay. I did the streaking and then I came back with some lighter dust to try and lighten up the effect a bit. Overall pretty good, I think the next set will be better. I received the new dry transfers from Clover House today; Rio Grande Southern, Denver & Rio Grande Western and the Colorado and Northwestern. So I just need enough boxcars to use them all! I have two here that are ready to go so I need to acquire one more. I may go ahead and use the two here for the C&N since I have been working on those decals. I also discovered today that those ladders on the sides aren't cast on, they are pinned off so I can take them off. I may go ahead and remove them from anymore Bachmann boxcars that I get. Those ladders will help the CC and DSP&P boxcars stand out a bit more.

The streaking effect is a little harsh at this point

Added some additional dusting and call it done

DSP&P calling this one done as well