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Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend UP Trains

It was a good day for train watching on my way to Fort Collins, not so good for taking pictures of them though.

I saw the first one just after getting off E-470 on to US85. It was working the area over by the Walmart. Unfortunately while the stoplight cooperated and was red, I was in the wrong lane and only managed this long range shot.

The other two were on US60. One train on the right side stopped so that the other could cross the highway in front of me.

UP5847 (AC44CWCTE) in the lead and stopped waiting for the switch to clear

UP3980 (SD70M) trailing. It was a long train of hoppers (grain I think)

UP8453 (SD70ACe) just starting up to pull its train across the highway

I think I got one of these wrong. I was looking at what I had labeled 6453 and I think its actually 8453.

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