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Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Bit of Woodworking - Finished for Now

Today I did actual assembly work. Went out and bought more of my favorite wood adhesive along with a new blade for my miter saw. This one has a lot more teeth so it should require less sanding. Home Depot also had Poplar turning stock on sale so I bought another piece three times as long as the one I bought yesterday for about a third of the price. There was only one mis-step today and it wasn't really terribly unexpected (unlike the continuous series of mis-steps with my cookie baking today).

Here is what I finished up today
Four display bases all jumbled together

Today's tool of choice; Sanding blocks. I didn't put a whole lot of work into these. 80 Grit to knock down the hard stuff, 120 Grit to smooth it out. If I was going to use these as my actual display stands then I  would have gone down to the 220 Grit to get close to that glass smooth finish (probably 400 Grit for that). Today is all about good enough.

Okay the sanding is done.

Pulling out the Titeboud

I didn't think ahead, fortunately there are hair bands to hold things together while the glue sets

Glue is all setup and they are still holding together

What's wrong with the one in the lower right corner?

Apparently glue managed to get where it shouldn't be and I glued this one together. Fortunately we are still in the test run stage or I would have been pretty ticked off.
For the next batch I'll change out the blades for this new 40 tooth monster. This should give me a much nicer cut.

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