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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another Kickstarter Arrives - Trenchworx WWI Tanks

With the Kickstarters I have supported I figure its on time if it delivers within 2-3 months after the estimated delivery date. This one from Trenchworx arrived today, weeks early! It was scheduled for a November delivery (end of November I believe). Granted my order was pretty simply just 3 FT-17 and a Rolls Royce Armored Car, but I'm still very impressed.

The quality is top notch too, I don't think my pictures really do it justice. The mold release agent was pretty heavy on these so I have already given these a soapy, warm water bath and done a little dry fitting. These are top notch kits, flash is light, the sprue attachment points look like they be well hidden after assembly. Some of the mold lines on the smaller pieces are going to take some work to clean up, but overall its just a great kit. I wish I had enough funds to have picked up some of the British tanks along with a German A7V but maybe I'll pick those up later. Check them out at Trenchworx

UPDATE: I received an email from Dave at Trenchworx this morning. He asked about my release agent comment because they don't use any! They have been able to prime and paint their models straight from the molds. I went back to where I had layed out the pieces to dry and they still feel quite slick to me. But now I believe that its because their mold process produces such a smooth surface that it feels "slick". I'm hoping to get some primer on these today but after emailing with Dave I'm not anticipating any problems.

These are going to do a great job supporting my WWI US Marines.

Small Box, well packed

Somewhere in all this are three tanks and an armored car. They sent along some coasters as well.

Each vehicle bagged up in ziplock. There is a smaller ziplock inside that holds

There are a few more parts to the FT-17 than I expected. There are also rare earth magnets so I can switch out the weapon  between an MG or a 37mm Cannon.

Nice detail on the treads

Turret looks top notch 
The armored hull
The Rolls Royce armored hull

There are few pieces for this one too

Just dry fitting the turret here.


  1. Those are some very nice looking models.

    1. They are indeed, I'm looking forward to getting them built up and painted!

  2. 28mm? They look great whatever their size. I still long for a good roller in 15mil.

  3. Definitely 28mm! However, its quite possible that they could be produced in 15mm or smaller. They show some test prints of vehicles in smaller scales. Probably worth dropping Trenchworx a line and making an inquiry about it!