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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another Night of Basing

Tried to pick up where I left off last night. I pulled out the dead wood pieces from the swamp accent stamp and the mortar bombs from the trench accent stamp. Not to bad. The green stuff definitely did a better job capturing detail. I mixed a bit more blue in with the yellow so that while the green stuff hardened it remained a bit flexible. I cut out the various roots with an x-acto knife and glued them to the mud and snow bases I did last night. 

I then used more milliput to try and blend them into the bases a bit better. Probably could have done a better job but once they are painted and some more basing materials added you shouldn't be able to see the transitions. I then used the left over milliput that I had mixed up and tried out the plank stamp on the bases I use for Calamity. This is really a nice stamp and left some terrific detail. Oh and Bert's Lip Beeswax really helps keeping things from sticking to your fingers and to the stamps!

I tried to hit the snow and mud bases with a wash to pull out the details but you still can't see it to well, its just not deep enough and really its not suppose to be terribly detailed just enough to add some dips and folds to the ground.

The milliput did a fair job of capturing the detail. The mortar bombs are going to need some extra work to make look good. I'm not really sure what the tin can thing is suppose to be. 

Here I pressed green stuff into the swamp accent mold. These came out really nice, the green stuff really captured the detail.

Starting to cut up the roots to place on the bases. Here the detail is being applied to a base from Secret Weapon Miniatures

Blending the detail in with milliput

One of the mud and snow bases with a wash to try and show off the detail.

Wash on one of the 50mm bases

Adding some detail to a mud and snow base

I think this is everything

Tried to capture some of the small crater detail with the leftover milliput

Really nice wood detail on the wood plank stamp

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