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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wargods of Aegyptus - Basti Army and Allies

It has been a long time since I pulled this army out, in fact I think it was for a tournament at GenCon for the Croc's first world campaign event. I remember desperately painting some of these mini right up till I had to fly out for the convention. I do need to find a better transport for them though, I really have come to dislike the abrasive nature of the foam in my army transport. I would prefer something that keeps them standing upright instead of laying on the foam. I see some areas that needs to be touched up and, especially with the Asar, upgrade the basic paint job that most of them received.

The Basti are a tough army to play with. Their strengths are archery and speed (and making sure they look good while doing it, cats you know) but they are not very good at melee. To compensate I have a lot of Asar to use as City Dwellers, essentially humans that are followers of the Goddess Bast. That means that I have a pretty good start on a straight up Asar army as well. The rest are "allies" the thought being that the allies will do the heavy lifting in combat while they are supported by Basti archery. I have pulled it off a time or two, they are definitely challenging.

All the Asar need some additional work to really make them pop most of the allies are in pretty good shape although the To-Tanem infantry and the Khemru slingers could use some more work. With Wargods of Olympus looming on the horizon I think I'll spend some time getting these whipped into shape before packs of Amazons land on the doorstep.

Here is my Basti Army for Wargods of Aegyptus

The key to any Wargods Army, the Harbinger. Here is the male version

And here with his retinue of lions

The female Harbinger of Bast is wearing more, yet somehow wearing less than her male counterpart. This one was painted by Ali Bailey (Jubilee). I love the paint work but I should have given her more direction on the skin tones as she as a very human look to her.

The  Mistress of Words, the Wargods equivelent of a sorcerer and  another one from Ali. The staffs and banner poles are another reason I dislike my army transport. This one needs some serious touch up work.

The Priestess of Bast and the last one painted by Ali for me. I need to work on my own versions of these if I start taking the army to competitions again so that the paintwork is all mine. But Ali did awesome work on all three of the ones I commissioned from her. She was much cheaper back then.

One of my favorite units my Basti Skirmishers. I painted this unit up for a painting competition years ago.

Standard Bearer and Musician

What the Basti do best, shoot things!

This is the whole of the Basti portion of the army. Two Archery units, a skirmisher unit and the various leaders. The rest of the army is made up of city dwellers (Asar) who count as Basti units for army builder purposes.

An Asar Priestess, in a pure Asar army she would be a priestess of Osiris. Since my Asar are usually used as city dwellers she doesn't see the table very often.

A unit of Asar Spearmen. I kept these units at the minimum so that I could bring more allies if I felt the need.

An Asar melee unit, A slightly larger unit, enough extras to experiment with unit size. I used the shields to tell which mini belonged to which unit.

Another smaller Asar melee unit.

The fourth and final Asar Melee unit. This one is short a man. I'm not quite sure when he went missing.

The Heru Heavy Infantry with polearms. This is a rock solid unit, the Heru are one of the best melee troops in the game.

Another unit of Asar but this time appearing as City Dwellers of the Heru. The Warhawks are one of the few specific city dweller units that the Croc produces

Khemru slingers, another skirmisher unit. These guys definitely need some additional paint work.

Khemru infantry, maces and horns they just go together.

The To-tanem, you can think of them as dwarves but they are literally living rock. They are a bit slow but definitely a rock hard infantry.
That's all that I could find last night. I know there are a couple of pieces missing and I'll need to sort through my box of minis and see what else I have to paint. My Beloved of Sobek wasn't in the case nor were any of my Basti or Asar Champions so I must have them in a "safe" place.


  1. Splendid job, beautiful colors and details!

    1. Thanks, definitely need to get moving on those touch ups,